April 2013 Metronome Magazine Review

Rowdy, guitar-driven, post punk banter emanates from David Thibodeau’s CD “Stars In Your Eyes Ants In Your Pants”.

Thibodeau’s urgent vocals and overdriven, tremolo drenched, biting guitar work shines, song after song while players like the late T. Lavitz (of the Dixie Dregs), drummer C. Peter Asklund, bassist John Anthony, keyboardist Marty Olga and cellist Nick Dinnerstein round out the sounds on “Stars In Your Eyes Ants In Your Pants”.

Tracks of note include the anthemic “Next Life,” the inventive “Ordinary People,” and the buzzing “New #2.” If the Rat was still in business You would be assured that David Thibodeau and his band would be rocking the rafters.

-Metronome Magazine April 2013